Why trademarks are important for your business?

Trademark Registration in India

How to get Trademark Registration in Mumbai?

If you are looking for your trademark registration in mumbai then it could be a tiring task for you if you go yourself to the officials and follow the entire process yourself. To ease your efforts and comfort your experience, Bananaip has brought a complete solution for you to get your trademark registration in mumbai. Bananaip helps you at every step from begining to accomplishment as your true partner for trademark registration.

There are a lot of benefits of getting your trademark registered. Trademark registration gives you the ownership of your brand or entity. In order to get your trademark registration in mumbai done, you just need to fill up the form in the right and as for a free consultation from one of our experienced team members. They will give you each and every insight about trademark and it’s registration procedures. They do take care of trademark registration in other cities like trademark registration in Bangalore , Chennai , Delhi etc.

Why is Trademark Important ?

Registration grants exclusive right of use and display of ® logo beside the mark.Registration offers presumption of ownership over the mark and right to initiate infringement proceedings in a court of law.

Trademark registration in India is valid for a period of 10 years and must be renewed (by paying a renewal fee) every 10 years thereafter in order to continue exclusive usage of mark.

The next step is to download BananaIP’s Trademark Toolkit which contains the necessary documents to help you get started with the process.

Bananaip has the team of highly experienced members from the industry, who are determined to serve you with the best possible services to get your trademark registration in Mumbai. All you need to do is to fill the form in the right and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to help you with your trademark registration.

leo packers and movers 1

Leo Packers and Movers

Leo packers and movers doesn’t need any introduction by having a strong presence in the country for more than three decades. Leo packers and movers has seen a total of three generation in the business. They are pretty much into corporate and residential relocation services. Now, they have introduced the international relocation services as well to please their customer way better. They have earned tremendous patronage and support from their customer over time.

Leo packers and movers are the leading name in nation’s relocation service providers. The legendary Maganlal Shal holds the position of Founder Chairman in Leo packers and movers while Dillip Shah and Abhay Shah holds the chair of Managing Director and Director respectively. They are the faces behind Leo packers and movers who have fostered this organization which had started in a room and now has a spread over multiple countries around the globe. This is a perfect example of unfathomable desire and rock solid determination with courage to transcend all the limits set physically or mentally.

Over the time, leo packers and movers has shown admirable endeavour in the field of relocation services by almost changing the face of relocation in India. They have received a patronage of thousand of happy customer globally. I have personally used their services and found it to be exactly what is described on numerous articles floating over internet. Leo packers and movers have done exceptionally well and worth admiring in this arena and has put forward a completely new dimension in this type of business. They have been proven as a role model for several other similar services in India and abroad yet the simplicity and their trust on customer satisfaction has always been their prime principles. I strongly recommend all of you to try their services at least once to experience the joy of relocation.


Personal Loan

Are you looking to make a significant investment in the near future? Are you looking to take a vacation with your family? Do you have a marriage coming up in your house and you would need about INR 5 lakhs in capital ready? Then you should opt for a personal loan in Bangalore.

Loan is not scary

Most of us think loan to be a scary thing. We feel a loan is a debt and it will be a big burden on us. But think of it, if you get a personal loan in Chennai worth INR 5 lakhs, for which you have to pay a monthly installment of INR 10,000 for next 5 years, it’s not very bad, isn’t it?

If you have to compare your expenses and how much seems reasonable, just do a basic calculation:

Let’s say you earn about INR 60,000 a month. You monthly expenses are about INR 30,000. Rest is your savings. Now if you need to use INR 5lakh to fund some expenses, you either take a personal loan or you pay the lump sum and get it done. Now you may have invested INR 5 lakhs in mutual funds or have saved it in an emergency fund. Does it make sense to break that?

Planned expenses should not be considered as emergency and hence you should never use up INR 5 lakhs which you have saved.

However, if you take a loan for 5 years and pay a monthly installment of INR 10,000, you can actually fund the expense without breaking a sweat. Your net expenses per month will be INR 40,000 (30,000+ 10,000). So you will still be able to save INR 20,000. This obviously does not take into account any increments your monthly salary for 5 years.

Does this seem logical?

How do you select the right personal loan provider?

Lot of Banks and Financial Services are providing personal loans. Therefore as a consumer, you have plenty of choices from where you can avail a personal loan. Therefore it is very important to check reviews and policies of each provider.  You should be very clear about loan repayment policies of every provider.

Loans build up your Credit Score

Another great benefit of taking personal loans is, it helps you build a good Credit score. Every PAN card holder in Indian is allotted a credit score. It is a score given out of 900. The higher the score, the better it is. A good credit score shows that you are a reliable and trustworthy person and hence banks will love to give you loans. This way, you can avail bigger loans such as home loans.

Therefore go for a reliable personal loan provider and enjoy a good living.

houses for sale in Milton

Milton – A great place to stay

House hunting is one of the most painstaking, yet the most delightful process at the same time. The fact that you want to find a home to live with your loved one(s) is exciting. You always want the best for your family. But the challenge is, does it have to be complicated. Milton is a very pretty town near Toronto, Canada that has a pleasant neighborhood and is a great place to stay if you want to move in with your family.

You should look for  homes for sale in Milton, which are fitting your budget and also have the right location as well as views.

Some of the best houses for sale in Milton, can be found by looking up at the realty sites which list the price, the location as well the amenities and the neighborhood.

You should contact a good real estate agent who has the right knowledge of the area and the property. You should visit the house with the agent and take time to understand the locality. Try talking to people living/working nearby to understand more about the place.

Look for the facilities and the amenities available. Does the view look good? Do you have the a market nearby from where you can do you daily shopping needs.

Also look at if the agent is try to force a sale or he/she is really trying to help you find the perfect home.

Hopefully Milton should be a good place for you to settle.

Happy house hunting!

dermatologist in Bangalore

Skin Problems

Good skin is not about focusing on outer beauty. Rather a good skin is a reflection of how much you take care of yourself. Good skin reflects confidence and shines your personality. If you are in Bangalore, and looking for a dermatologist in Bangalore, then that is a great decision to make. A good dermatologist will help identify the issues with your skin. Our genetics, and our lifestyle determine the quality of how we look and that shines through our skin. We cannot change our genetics, but we can certainly take active measures to not let genetics solely determine how good we can look.

The best dermatologist in Bangalore, and skin specialist in Hyderabad, Dr. Chytra V Anand, has always being a huge proponent of how beauty and aesthetics go hand in hand in treating people of their skin ailments.

If you have skin pigmentation, dark circles, acne/pimples, freckles, black heads, and moles, then go for a good skin treatment. A new concept called Medifacials is gaining popularity with the masses. This is where medicine and facials at a spa intersect.

Healthy eating is extremely vital for a good glowing skin. Also one should focus on good breathing techniques and yoga and other forms of cardiovascular exercises, so that there is good blood circulation in the body and oxygen reaches all the cells properly.

123 employee – Now Outsource to Live a Dream Lifestyle

How many of you started a business, thinking it will give you the lifestyle which you always dreamed of? I guess, many of us thought this way. After all, what is the point of slogging away in a job, when you can start a business and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. But alas, this is far from the truth. As you start your business, soon you will realize that, time is the scarcest resource that you have. You will have everything, but not time. As you grow your business, hire more people, get more clients, you will get busier and you will get into this never ending loop.

The dream of having a lifestyle will soon fade away. But does it have to be this way? What if you could outsource some components of your business, so that you can free up your time doing more important things. 123 employee, a company headed by New York Best Selling author Daven Michaels, based out of Manila (Philippines) does just that. They provide you will virtual employees for your business, who will work as per your time schedule and do the tasks assigned. This way you can free up bulk of your time, which you can use to grow your business, or enjoy time off with your family.

123employee will assign an account manager and an employee for your tasks. Be assured that the tasks assigned will done diligently.  The benefit of 123 employee is that you can hire a resource (albeit virtually) at 1/10 the price of a regular employee in USA. This way you save cost and time as well.


Top Garage Door Opener: How you can locate the very best one

A garage area door is a door that secures the garage as well as it can open up either by hand or using digitally making use of a opener. Garage area doors that are small they could be made in a solitary that will tilt up as well as back throughout the ceiling of the garage area. For bigger garage areas they have several panels that have actually been jointed and also they wrap on the tracks across the ceilings of the garage area or they can roll over the entrance. The mechanisms for operation are reversed or spring packed in order to offload the door weight and reduce the effort either human of digital door opener could be made use of to unlock.

One obvious truth is the need for mobility has consistently been with people from time in memorial. Maybe the keenness on oil prices shows this fascination of guy with his playthings. This fixation has just as made guy shelter his valuable playthings from the components; nevertheless they come with high rates. Garage doors are one of one of the most important points of your house. It makes sure security and also safety. Additionally choosing the very best door openers available from the marketplace is likewise a really tedious job.
Based upon this should shelter cars as well as many others vehicles, the well-to -do had the high-end of having cutting-edge garages to keep their shy toys from the sunlight glare as well as damaging weather elements. Best garage door opener are available in the market. This can be traced to the very early motor industry; nevertheless, it stays to be a suburban choice in building as well as their domestic establishments. While with time the garage has been meticulously included right into the architectural design of your home on key aspect stayed especially troubling. This partly was the compromise to be struck in between a safe and secure garage area and the annoying noisy garage doors. Similarly, the focus on specific to make it possible for access to our home via the garage, and added reverse accessibility has actually been the bottom lines to your house styles.

The garage area door opener is programmed making use of micro controllers. There are several methods and languages which is used for programming garage area door openers. You could also read about how to reprogram garage door opener here.

How does one get to the leading garage door opener. This is perhaps the bothersome inquiry to every residence garage owner. One of the most critical door opener is one that provides that convenient usage. The ability to easily access the garage area door effortlessly changes the previously medieval chain link doors that used a great deal of hand-operated input. No one intends to have physical input especially after a lengthy office day.

Personalized remote regulated or?buttoned accessibilities are usually a preferred selection. It is important to note that personalized security pass doors are taken into consideration the very best garage area door openers.

Most brand-new age garage area doors are digital in nature. This nonetheless, offers an additional vital issue, in the event of black-outs, one could be left at the mercy of the power distributors to get in or leave the garage. While the digital garage door frequently supplies a smooth synergy as well as usually closes as well as opens smoothly, the need to have alternate opening throughout contingencies like power blackout typically rises.? You could need the services of crowdfunding India to view if you could produce innovative garage area door openers.

You can also read about how to quickly fix the garage area door opener effortlessly.

No person takes pleasure in the constant as well as baseless brows through by the door opener business; a customer friendly gadget is typically a preferred option. More often than not, a simple to install garage door opener is chosen. The accessibility of a customer guidebook with selection of problem shooting alternatives is a consumer. There are different overviews regarding garage door installation which makes it very simple to set up.

deals and bargains

Discount Vouchers – A Win-win

When was the last time you wanted to have a Saturday night out and dropped the idea because it was proving to be too costly? I believe most of us go through these emotions. We are all hunting for deals, as we believe getting a deal (no matter how big or small it is) is a win for us, the consumer. This is the reason, websites like Groupon proliferated and gained huge traction. Restaurants benefited from these deals because it gave them footfalls which they would not have received under normal circumstances. Newer restaurants were able to get initial publicity by getting customers. Therefore hunt for the best bargains became a mainstream thing amongst shoppers, foodies and businesses.

Companies such as Foodpanda have their own foodpanda coupons which they give out to customers. Furniture companies such as Fabfurnish have their own Fabfurnish coupons which you can use to buy the furniture of your choice. If you are interested to buy apparels, you can use limeroad coupons.

The challenge however remains in the quality of the products and whether discounts help in getting customer loyalty. It is great to offer a flash sale, but you cannot offer discounts all year round. Then as a brand you do not have any point of differentiation with your competitor.

None the less, customers do benefit from it. They are able to get good bargains without having the need to go to local outlets and haggle with the shopkeeper.

It does help to spike up your sales if you are a brand owner. But whether you can sustain that model by taking a hit on your profitability remains to be seen.

interior designing

Designing your home

The interiors of a home speaks of the personality and thought process of the home owner. A house only becomes your home when you put your unique touch into it. And this is what defined the standard of the home owner.  Our dream home is not the brick and the wood that make the skeleton of the house. Rather the way you do your interiors, including the furniture, the furnishings and the decor will make it worth living.

Good interior designers in Bangalore can help you with making the best choices for your home for your budget.

Imagine a world where, after a hard day’s work, when you come back home, the softness of the sofa greets you with its gentle touch, the carpets and rugs give you much needed comfort to the tiring and painful soles of your feet and the gentle breeze blowing throwing the curtains overlooking the swimming pool will take away all the mental fatigue that has seeped in.

Find the best interior designers in Bangalore can be a daunting task. With so many ordinary players out there, it is very difficult to discover the hidden gems among them.  A good interior designer will never try to sell your anything ordinary. The hallmark of a great interior designer is the ability to understand his/her customer properly. My taste in interior may be vastly different than what you have. And the taste has nothing to do with money. Rather interior is a reflection of one’s personality. A good designer will try to understand the personality and uniqueness of an individual and how a design will be an extension of that.

I would in fact place interior designer in the same bracket as that of a psychologist. Give your medication according to the disease. If you are planning to get interiors designed for your home, do read up on some of the best magazines out there for knowledge.


Cakes for Every Occassion

The word cakes makes us salivate everytime we hear of it. And every occassion has a special cake. Cakes are so popular that they are classified based on events – wedding cakes, christmas cakes, birthday cakes, valentine’s day cakes, graduatio day cakes etc. The cutting of a wedding celebration pie makes up a social event in some cultures. The Ancient Roman marital relationship routine of confarreatio originated in the sharing of a pie. You can hire fantastic cake shops in Koramangala 6th block.

Specific types of pie could be related to specific festivals, such as stollen or chocolate log (at Christmas), babka and also simnel pie (at Easter), or mooncake. There has actually been a long tradition of decorating an iced cake at Christmas time; various other pies related to Xmas include delicious chocolate log and dice pies.